It’s time to bring out the holiday ornaments. We should decorate the house and let our holiday cheer shine. Let’s put up Christmas trees, lights, garlands, and wreaths. Homes at Heart has already given tips to prep your home for the holidays, but we want to offer some unique DIY holiday wreath ideas. 

During the holiday season, wreaths are a classic ornament that is often seen hanging on front doors and walls. They can bring a splash of colour and spread holiday joy. However, there are times when our lovely wreaths may need a refresh. Whether it’s due to the colours fading or the style being outdated, we have some suggestions to help you modernize your traditional wreaths. 

Types of Wreath Frames

Before discussing methods for revamping your rustic wreaths or crafting your DIY wreath, let’s delve into the 3 prevalent materials utilized to construct a seasonal wreath base. The 3 commonly used materials include: 

  • Wire Frame
  • Foam Frame
  • Grape Vine/ Natural Wreaths

Each of these materials comes with its unique characteristics and aesthetics you should consider when making alterations. 

Using floral wire, a wreath is created by wrapping and shaping it into the desired form. These wreaths are intended for supporting materials that are not too heavy. Their versatility in taking on any shape is one of their main attractions. These structures can be utilized to make either a classic, embellished wreath, a ribbon wreath, or a unique and unconventional wreath according to your imagination. 

Foam wreath forms are frequently utilized as a foundation for creating holiday wreaths. Similar to wireframes, they can be shaped into any preferred form. The main distinction is that foam frames can support heavier decorations, although they may not look appealing if left uncovered. Conventional evergreen wreaths are ideal for these bases as their foliage can effectively conceal the foam. 

You have a range of natural materials at your disposal for making a wreath, from a simple grapevine base to crafting your base using hot glue and pine cones. Using foraged materials, you can make a cost-effective and cheerful decoration. 

Ready To Get Started?

5 Techniques to Revitalize Your Festive Wreaths 

After learning about the fundamental structures, we can review our 5 innovative methods for modernizing your holiday wreaths. Your choice of approach may depend on the foundation of your wreath, but apart from that, the possibilities are endless with your imagination. Our top 5 ways to refresh your Christmas wreaths include: 

  • Changing out the Ornaments
  • Placing Candy Canes
  • Adding Fresh Flowers
  • Adding in Fragrances
  • Frosting

Changing Out Ornaments

When thinking about holiday wreaths, the image of traditional wreaths adorned with ornaments often comes to mind first. Updating these ornaments and giving them a modern touch can drastically alter the appearance of your lovely wreath. Adding small ornaments to fill in any gaps is a simple way to do this. Deciding on a specific theme for the ornaments is also a good idea when revamping or making your own beautiful holiday wreath. For instance, sticking to silver ornaments only can give your wreath a contemporary and stylish look. 

Placing Candy Canes

Using candy decorations is an excellent method to bring a joyful and celebratory atmosphere to your wreaths. They can introduce an element of engagement and aroma to your wreaths. You may keep them wrapped for visitors to enjoy a holiday treat or unwrap them to infuse the air with the scent of peppermint. In any case, candy canes are an affordable and efficient means to refresh your wreaths. 

Adding Fresh Flowers

Using fresh flowers to adorn wreaths is a fantastic method. While they may not last as long as other options, they are the most authentic choice. It is best to incorporate fresh flowers on the day of festive gatherings because they will not endure for prolonged periods, yet they are exceedingly beautiful during their time. 

There are numerous choices for holiday flowers, but the classic option is poinsettias. With their festive red color, these flowers symbolize the holiday season and have long been a popular choice for holiday decorations. 

Adding in Fragrances

Enhancing your wreaths with fragrances can bring a fresh element to your decoration. Wreaths are inherently attractive, but infusing them with seasonal scents can foster a cozy and celebratory ambiance in their surroundings. Incorporate essential oils or strongly scented natural elements into the wreath to alter its overall feel. 

Frosting Your Wreath

Adding frosting to your wreaths will give them a unique colour. It can create a beautiful snow-covered effect. You can buy frosting paint at many home improvement or craft stores. Since this is a lasting choice, make sure to apply the paint carefully and with moderation. Instead of directly attaching them to your wreath, you can also frost the decorations you want to add. Using frosted pine cones is an inexpensive and temporary way to achieve the frosted look. 

Homes at Heart hope you have a wonderful time this holiday season. As we begin to move further into the holidays, check back in regularly for more holiday cleaning tips, like tips for deep cleaning before the holidays.

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