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Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Service in Medicine Hat

Moving out of a home isn’t like traveling, where you pack a few things and leave. You are practically moving your life from one location and home to another, and that comes with a lot of physical responsibilities. Cleaning is one of them and is usually the last and most annoying task if you don’t like household chores.

What if you could outsource that last hurdle of cleaning your shabby-looking old home to a specialized house cleaning agency and use the energy left to settle into your new home?

Well, you can!

Homes At Heart Cleaning services will take care of the stress of cleaning your old home, ensuring you don’t leave behind a reputation of dirt. We will also help you clean your new home to your taste so you can move into a clean house.

Deep Home Cleaning Service in Medicine Hat

Our Cleaning Services

Whether you are moving in or out of a home, Home At Heart offers a few cleaning services that leave your home shiny and sparkling. Our residential home cleaning services in Medicine Hat include:

Move-Out House Cleaning Services

You don’t want to be that resident that moves out and leaves the house in a mess. We’ll clean every section of your home, from top to bottom, or do a general cleaning according to your budget. Either way, any new resident would appreciate the extra effort you made to make the home conducive for their entry.

Move-In House Cleaning Services

We can take care of your new house cleaning because we know you might not have the time to inspect the new home when you are busy with moving out of the old one. So, while you are busy packing, we’ll be preparing your new home for your grand entry. Whether it’s a new or old home, our cleaning services will make it spike-and-span clean, paying attention to every detail because that’s our job.

What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying!

I have had cleaners in the past and have never been totally satisfied. When I came home, everything was complete, it was perfect! I also love that they have a guarantee that if they accidentally miss anything, they will come back and make it right. Highly recommend this company!

- Samantha McKinley

My home is so clean after booking a deep clean! I appreciated being able to come home from work and enjoy such a sparkling clean home. They paid great attention to detail, and provided an excellent quality cleaning and service overall. Thank you!

- Alissa McLester

We use Homes at Heart cleaning for my Air BnB suite, that needs a serious clean once a month or so depending on the number of guests. The place sparkles and that makes it easier for me to maintain the spaces the rest of the time. Thanks so girls.

- Royce Hopkins

What’s Included in Our Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Service in Medicine Hat

More Focus on your Move

Moving out is already stressful as a single activity and adding cleaning to it might be overwhelming, especially when you are alone and super busy. If you are too busy to clean your old home while moving out, the thought of cleaning the new home will also cause you to worry and stress.

These worries can affect your moving-out or moving-in plans. You may omit certain items you need in your previous home or fail to properly inspect your new home. It’s worse when you are moving out to sell your home because you have to do the cleaning and still move out. So, save time, stress, and worries by getting the right people for the job while you focus on the move and the excitement that come with it.

Sell or Rent Your Home with Pride

When moving out to sell or rent your home, cleaning is not an option but a necessity. Renting a sparkling clean home gives you pride and makes your new tenant feel like he’s getting his money’s worth in full. You could also get your deposit back when you leave a home in the best hygienic condition possible.

move-in-and-move-out cleaning
move-in-and-move-out cleaning

Enjoy a Better Move-In Experience

Hiring a professional cleaning company to clean and sanitize the home for your entry gives a better move-in experience. You move in with the joys of a new home, not meeting dust on the door knobs, dusty toilet floors, dirty kitchens, and bathrooms and windows crying for more attention. You’ll be left with just one job, settle down and enjoy your new home, rather than cleaning. That’s pretty relieving.

Our services will include;

  • Mopping of floors
  • Deep cleaning from top to bottom for dust, grime, mold, and dirt
  • Wiping light switch plates
  • Window cleaning, including exterior windows
  • Full bathroom cleaning, including shower head, faucets and toilet cleaning, and sanitizing
  • Wiping off dust in cabinets, doors, mirrors, and glasses
  • Full kitchen cleaning including cleaning countertops, faucets, backsplashes, stove tops, sinks, dishwashers, and many more.

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Why Choose Home At Heart Cleaning Services

At Home At Heart Cleaning, we have a passion for cleaning and it reflects in the results we deliver for clients. But that’s only a side to it, here are more reasons why we should be your number one solution for all your residential cleaning needs in Medicine Hat.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

When we are through with any home, it looks like no one has ever lived there before. That’s what we promise and want you to anticipate whenever you call us. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our cleaning services, we will do our best to ensure you are happy and exceed your expectations.

We are More Affordable than You Think

Acquiring a new home, and the logistics of moving can take a toll on your finances, and we are aware of this. Hence, our house cleaning comes at an affordable price, so we don’t add more stress to your finances. We also have customized cleaning plans that can accommodate your budget. We will provide a free quote so you can know what to expect, and we don’t have any hidden charges or surprises.

We Have the Best Team

We employ residential housekeepers with a knack for excellence in cleaning homes. Our professionally trained technicians are equipped with the prerequisite skills and award-winning training program to thoroughly do an excellent job on your home. We also run in-depth background checks on our professional house cleaners to ensure we don’t employ people with questionable characters.

Focus on the Move, While We Redefine Your House Cleaning Experience

Worry no more about cleaning your home when you are about to move out or move in of medicine hat ab. We can take all that stress away with our professional house cleaning services guaranteed to leave your home fresh and clean.

Our professional service is affordable, our team is efficient and leaves nothing to chance, and each cleaning project gets the full cleaning resource and skills available at Homes At Heart. Whether it’s deep cleaning, recurring cleaning, monthly cleaning services, move-in and move-out cleaning, or one-time cleaning, we are the professional maid service company for the job. Focus on the move and leave the cleaning job for us.

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