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From the beginning of Shannon’s career, she’s had a strong desire to play a part in people living their best lives. Little did she know… how she would do that was right there tapping her on the shoulder. Do what you love, they say… and she did just that.

The pivotal moment… Shannon was cleaning her own house between jobs one day when she saw that cleaning homes for others could be enjoyable and have a positive impact on how people live and go about their days on this earth. Her clientele rose quickly beyond her means, and one year later, she began training others to clean like her and never looked back.

Homes at Heart was born! Shannon took on investing in personal and business development to best scale and operate a cleaning business and to lead, empower and build the healthy team culture she has to date. The Homes at Heart cleaning teams’ buckets are filled with every house they clean in knowing they’re bringing more peace, balance and family connectedness into our Medicine Hat and surrounding communities.

It’s simple… We clean your home. You love your life.

Always Grateful,

My Services

Homes At Heart is a professional cleaning services company. It is our desire to provide you with the luxury of being able to make choices about how you would like to spend your leisure time. With our wide variety of services and flexible approach, we are able to provide for your family’s everyday needs.

Recurring Cleaning

No need to stress about cleaning your home anymore! Homes At Heart is here for all your house cleaning needs.


Deep Cleaning

Homes At Heart specializes in deep cleaning of your home.  Our professional cleaners will make sure to pay attention to every detail when focusing on your deep clean.

Moving Cleaning

Focus on your move, not the cleaning! There is no better feeling than coming in to a clean home and moving out of a home without needing to clean it.

One Time Specialty

Maybe you’re planning a dinner party, or need to clean up from a renovation, our one-time clean is the perfect fit.

Ready To Get Started?

Our company philosophy strongly revolves around 100% customer satisfaction. By offering a very personalized and customized service at very competitive rates, we are always striving to not just meet your expectations but considerably surpass them as well.

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Supporting Our Community

Homes at Heart Cleaning Resources

How to Create a House Cleaning Checklist

How to Create a House Cleaning Checklist

Are you someone who wants a clean house and for it to stay that way? However, it doesn’t seem to be an easy task, maybe because of a busy schedule? We all often use professional cleaning services to resolve this problem. But how are these cleaning services so good at...

Tips For Stain and Grease Removal

Tips For Stain and Grease Removal

Grease stains or stains of any kind, on any surface can be an intimidating problem. They are both unsightly and difficult to remove.  Due to meal preparations involving cooking, sauteing and frying, the kitchen is the most common area in the home where grease stains...

Our Services are 100% Guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our cleaning service, let us know within 24 hours. We’ll do what we can to make sure you’re happy with the result.

When you hire Homes at Heart Cleaning Services, you get the peace of mind of knowing you’ll get consistent, 5-star results with every clean.

Call us today! It’s more affordable than you know!

What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying!

I have had cleaners in the past and have never been totally satisfied. When I came home, everything was complete, it was perfect! I also love that they have a guarantee that if they accidentally miss anything, they will come back and make it right. Highly recommend this company!

- Samantha McKinley

I am extremely happy with the fabulous deep clean in my home!! All 3 cleaners were very professional and did an excellent job! I will certainly be hiring them again.

- Karen Zeller

My home is so clean after booking a deep clean! I appreciated being able to come home from work and enjoy such a sparkling clean home. They paid great attention to detail, and provided an excellent quality cleaning and service overall. Thank you!

- Alissa McLester