It is that time of year for new growth and new beginnings. As life begins to reemerge from the long winter sleep, this is the perfect time to look at ourselves and see what changes we can make in our lives. April celebrates an annual holiday recognized worldwide, Earth Day. Recognizing this holiday and starting off the spring, there is no better time to make the switch to green cleaning.

Green cleaning is the practice of being aware of the products and tools we all use when to make our homes cleaner. Taking small steps to choose products more thoughtful of their environmental impact can make a huge impact on our world. Homes at Heart wants to share some cheap and easy ideas anyone can make to be more environmentally conscious. We hope these tips lead you to make small changes to protect our environment for us and generations to come.

Earth Day

Annually, individuals worldwide collaborate to minimize our ecological footprint. This initiative is exemplified through the commemoration of Earth Day, which is entirely centred on advocating for environmental conservation. Each Earth Day adopts a unifying theme, facilitating a collective endeavour towards a shared objective.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd worldwide. Every year, the Earth Day theme is announced. Earth Day is a day of action and a reminder for everyone to reflect on the impact of human activity on the planet. It is also a day to celebrate our beautiful planet and take action to preserve it. Source:

This year’s Earth Day theme is focused on bringing in governments and businesses to do their part in protecting the environment. Homes at Heart is taking steps to do our part and we hope these ways to switch to green cleaning will help you do yours.

Why Switch to Green Cleaning Products?

Switching to an eco-friendly cleaning regimen not only benefits the planet but also decreases the number of harsh chemicals that enter your household. Natural cleaning solutions are not only safer but also more cost-effective compared to conventional cleaning products currently available in the market. We know that there are common misconceptions that green cleaners aren’t as great but that’s not true. We want to help you to make the switch to natural cleaning products and feel empowered for the well-being of your home or office and the environment.

  1. Buy Eco-Friendly Products
  2. Use Homemade Cleaning Solutions
  3. Look for Glass Containers
  4. Switch to Reusable Cleaning Wipes
  5. Recycle Non-Replaceable Products

Don’t know where to start? These simple and effective tips can help reduce your environmental impact. We hope this information helps you make the switch to green cleaning!

1. Buy Eco-Friendly Products

Switching to natural cleaners can be done easily and quickly by replacing your current cleaning items with sustainable options. This step is particularly essential for products that cannot be substituted with homemade alternatives, like laundry detergent. We aren’t saying that you need to through everything out right away but as you need to replace products, reach for natural products instead of conventional cleaners.

If you’re searching for environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, opt for products that avoid synthetic scents and dyes while minimizing hazardous chemicals. Labels of most products tailored for diminishing environmental harm will reflect so. By switching to such products, not only can you diminish your environmental footprint, but you can also lessen the number of chemicals and potential allergens that you and your loved ones come into contact with.

2. Use Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Incorporating DIY cleaning solutions into your eco-friendly cleaning regimen can be a practical alternative. Numerous household cleaning agents are adaptable and can be utilized for different cleaning purposes. In addition to being cost-effective, these homemade solutions can also prove to be as efficient as conventional cleaning products. To illustrate, some common items that are ideal for creating homemade cleaning solutions include:

  • Baking Soda– Baking soda is a versatile substance that has benefits beyond cooking. It’s an effective natural deodorizer and fat-buster, capable of breaking down stubborn, fat-based stains like grease and oil. It can also be used as an air freshener.
  • White Vinegar– White vinegar is an acidic solution that’s commonly found in many households. It’s highly effective in removing tough stains from metal or ceramic surfaces, especially those left by coffee or tea. It’s also great for rust removal.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide– Hydrogen peroxide is a basic solution that’s similar to bleach. It’s a great alternative to bleach and can be utilized in similar situations.
  • Essential Oils– Essential oils are derived from organic compounds like cinnamon and lemon and are excellent for creating natural fresh scents in your home. Aromatherapy using essential oils can immediately improve the ambiance of your home.

Take some to go through your cabinets before tackling your next cleaning tasks.

3. Look for Glass Containers

Changing to glass containers can swiftly decrease your ecological footprint by decreasing the amount of plastic waste generated. Glass-made cleaning items might be pricier. Nevertheless, it is most efficient when done in conjunction with creating your own cleaning solutions. Glass spray bottles have a lengthier lifespan and contribute to a decrease in waste.

4. Switch to Reusable Cleaning Cloths

If you switch to reusable cleaning methods, you can lower the amount of paper waste you produce and save money when tidying up your house. Accumulating paper towels and packaged cleaning wipes can fill up garbage dumps and raise the volume of domestic waste generated in your household. You may not be aware of various reusable cleaning alternatives that exist.

Cloth Rags– Reusable fabric scraps are an excellent alternative to paper towels when it comes to cleaning. They can be employed to wipe up sudden spills, dry dishes, and scrub stubborn dirt off surfaces. After use, simply launder your soiled rags. The type of fabric scraps you use depends completely on your preference and even the surface that you are cleaning. For challenging tasks like outdoor cleaning or stain removal, a low-cost cloth will suffice, while softer microfiber fabrics are ideal for more sensitive cleaning tasks.

Natural Sponges– Purchasing natural sponges for reusable cleaning is an excellent decision. Although cheaper plastic sponges are available in the market, they are not biodegradable and have a shorter lifespan compared to natural ones.

Old Toothbrushes– Old worn-out toothbrushes can make great cleaning utensils. Reduce waste by repurposing any items you can.

5. Recycle Non-Replaceable Products

In case you’re unable to locate an efficient eco-friendly cleaning product for tackling your cleaning problems, don’t forget to recycle the containers. It’s the least any individual can do to minimize their environmental footprint. Several nearby centers offer recycling services. Do some research to find out the recyclable materials accepted in your locality.

Homes at Heart is here for any of your residential cleaning needs or questions. We have happily served the Medicine Hat area and look forward to future service. Join us and make the switch to green cleaning with the help of our tips.

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