Spring is just around the corner! As we look forward to the warmer weather ahead, planning to prepare and clean your home for the changing seasons can make the job much smoother. Residential cleaning for the greater Medicine Hat area is our specialty. Homes at Heart wants to share our expertise and offer suggestions for a weekly spring cleaning plan to make your home fresh as a daisy.

Homes at Heart’s weekly spring cleaning plan will cover every area of your home.

From those forgotten catch-all drawers to your most common living areas, we want this weekly cleaning schedule to guarantee a fresh and sparkling home. We understand some cannot set aside large portions of time to dedicate to home cleaning. We hope this plan broken out into smaller cleaning tasks will work for even the busiest of individuals.

Spring Cleaning Plan – Week One

Switch Out Seasonal Decor

The first thing to do when preparing your home for a seasonal change is to change out any decor you may have. Nothing can change your home’s atmosphere easier than a change in decor. Carefully pack up any winter decorations while cleaning them so they will be ready next year.


Dusting your home should already be a regular part of your monthly cleaning routines. Dusting can reduce airborne allergens and provide indoor allergy relief. During annual spring cleaning, devote extra time to clean those hard-to-reach or overlooked areas such as ceiling fan blades, behind appliances or around light fixtures.

Vacuum Furniture

Much like dusting, regular time to vacuum floors is a part of most cleaning routines. Spring clean-up should be an extension of your regular routine. Take extra time to vacuum your furniture. Vacuuming furniture can extend the life of your furniture by preventing discolouration.

Wash Household Fabrics

Household fabrics are assorted pieces of fabrics found throughout your home. These can be decorative pillows, furniture coverings or tablecloths. With dusting and vacuuming, remove these fabrics and wash them to remove any allergens from dust or pets while making your home smell fresh like the spring season outside.

Clean Your Windows

Window cleaning is an important part of spring cleaning. This step should include both the inside AND outside of your home’s windows. Clean windows thoroughly while avoiding damage to window treatments, window screens and window sills. If possible, cover window treatments and remove window screens while cleaning your windows.

Spring Cleaning Plan – Week Two

Deep Clean and Organize Bathrooms

Bathrooms are high-traffic areas in our homes that can sometimes not receive the treatment they demand. During spring clean-up. deep clean all areas of your bathrooms including behind toilets. Taking the extra effort to restock all toiletries while cleaning will make sure your bathrooms are ready for the season ahead.

Clean Out Medicine Cabinets

While in our bathrooms, you should clean out medicine cabinets to free up space and protect your family from ingesting any expired medications. Replace any grooming products that are running low and toss any expired goods.

Deep Clean Fridge and Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are arguably the highest-traffic areas in most homes. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to toss out the old and in with the new like we just did in the bathrooms. Remove any expired foods in your fridge or cabinets while deep cleaning all shelves and drawers.

Clean Appliances

After cleaning out your refrigerators and cabinets, devote time to clean all kitchen appliances. These can be toasters, microwaves or air fryers. Any item you utilize should be thoroughly cleaned.

Clean Out Plumbing

Plumbing is crucial in our homes. They carry water throughout our homes for cooking and cleaning. These lifelines in our home can often go untreated and lead to clogs or damage you can easily prevent. Apply your selected pipe cleaning product to drains such as any sink or bath. Wash out this cleaner with warm water after the directed time.

Spring Cleaning Plan – Week Three

Declutter Countertops and Drawers

We all have them. It could be your kitchen counter or end table. Those areas in our homes are prone to catching any and all clutter like mail. Set aside some time to address these areas to remove any trash or unnecessary items.

Sort Dishware

Some homes have seasonal dishware as part of their home decor. Even if this isn’t the case, taking time to sort your dishware to make sure there are no damaged or dirty pieces will make sure all your dishware is ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Clean Electronics

Electronics are a popular hiding spot for dust. Electronics should be cleaned both inside and out to extend their lifetime. Proper cleaning of electronics can save you loads of money by replacing items that could have been saved.

Dust and Vacuum

Week three is a good time to revisit dusting and vacuuming. After we have decluttered our trash drawers, medicine cabinets and kitchen, we have bound to stir up more dust. Revisiting dusting and vacuuming will remove these allergens and particles for a healthy and fresh home.

Clean Your Garage

Spring cleaning isn’t restricted to areas inside your home. Your garage often deserves some attention. Decluttering decorations and washing floors will save you space while preventing you from tracking in debris.

Spring Cleaning Plan – Week Four

Sort Your Clothing and Footwear

Spring is the perfect time to toss out any and all old unused items. Clothing and footwear are common items sorted out during spring cleaning. Dig through those closets to sort any unused clothing items to free space for new clothing.

As you do this repair any damaged clothing or accessories that you want to keep. Some people might choose to simply replace damaged items or repair them.

Organize Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories can include belts, ties and purses. All of these are often tossed to the back of the closet instead of out with the trash when replaced. Go through your collections and make sure unused or damaged accessories are sorted.

Organize Your Collectables

Everyone has their favourite hobbies. Some of these hobbies come in the form of collectables like decorative figurines. Take a breath and spend time with these collectables to make sure they are properly cared for and ready for display.

Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

Something to consider instead of throwing any unwanted items discovered throughout the month is donating them to a charity or other non-profit organization. This can allow your items a chance at a second life while also benefiting your community to provide for those less fortunate. You might even be able to save yourself some money with a tax write-off, perfect for this time of year.

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