How does the quote go…. Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!

Whether it be for a gift, self-indulgence, or holiday treat, chocolate is one of the most popular sweets enjoyed by everyone. Sometimes we even decide to share this treat in ways we do not intend. Chocolate can cause stains on clothes, carpets, or even upholstery and we have tips on how to remove chocolate stains.

Chocolate is such a great part of life! Chocolate stains? Not really.

It’s amazing that chocolate comes in so many different forms – ice cream, frozen yoghurt, cookies, bars and sauce to name a few! The unfortunate part is that it can easily lead to staining clothes and fabric. Fortunately, by following a few easy steps, these stains can be removed quickly and easily!

How to Remove Chocolate Stains Out Of Clothes

“Cocoa powder is an issue because it contains dark-colored tannins, while coca butter gives the resulting stains its oily texture.” source: Tide

Don’t worry, we got this covered!

  1. Use a knife or spoon to carefully scrape excess chocolate off the material. This will help prevent spreading the chocolate around throughout the removal process.
  2. If you can, turn the piece of clothing inside out. Then run cold water over the back side of the stained area to gently loosen the stain from the fibers in the fabric. This step will make it easier for the detergent (step 3) to pull the chocolate away from the material.
  3. Lather the stain with your preferred stain remover, dish soap or laundry detergent.
  4. Soak the piece of clothing in cold water for a minimum 30 minutes. If you can still see the stain after soaking, repeat steps 2 and 3 then soak again.
  5. Finally, wash the piece of clothing based on the recommendations on the tag. Make sure not to put it in the dryer unless the stain is completely gone.

Pro tip: Do you have an old and ignored chocolate stain that you haven’t taken care of? Soak the region around the spot with full-fat cream and leave it for half an hour. The fat in the cream will help to remove the chocolate from the fabric. After 30 minutes, rinse away the cream and commence with step 3.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Upholstery

“No! Not on the new couch!”

There’s no need to panic, do this:

  1. Make sure to scrape the excess chocolate off carefully with a knife or by holding your vacuum hose directly above the stain so that it doesn’t sink deeper into the fabric.
  2. Make a simple stain remover by mixing 1 tablespoon dish soap to 2 cups warm water.
  3. Using a clean toothbrush, start applying the stain remover by gently dabbing the stain. Do not rub the remover into the stain, as this can work the stain further into the material. After each blot, rinse the toothbrush and dip it back into the stain remover before returning to the stain. You will need to repeat this step a few times.
  4. Soak up the stain remover using a clean towel or a paper towel. Again, be sure to press into the surface and not rub the stain into the material.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the stain is no longer visible and the chocolate no longer shows up on the towel.

We hope these simple processes for removing chocolate stains will keep you from banishing chocolate from the house when it stains your favourite shirt, chair or bedding!

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